Auto Updater & Website Improvements #18

Posted by echo, 3 years ago.
Thank you everyone who downloaded and tried Ruin open beta v0.1 its been 3 months since the release and during that time I took a break and worked on concepts for v0.2 improvements and other quality of life or required updates needed for moving forward with the website and the game.

I'm excited to announce that version 0.2 will include a built in auto updater which patches the game per patch file, this will allow us to release fast and small updates when ever needed without having to wait for large meaningful updates like from version 0.1 to version 0.2 which has already been 3 months.

Next I plan on releasing some important updates to the website which will finally have notifications for news posts being released on the blog for everyone who has signed up to be notified of ruin updates.

Lastly some updates to be excited for include gameplay music, improvements to sound effects and all types of bug fix's to help the game run as smooth as possible during gameplay.

Thank you everyone!

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