Changelog #15

Posted by echo, 3 years ago.
Reminder: Ruin's closed beta we will be launching on the 29th of sept 2021 at 6pm AEST

Welcome to the 13th - 18th of sept weekly changelog update, There will be 1 more of these changelog updates before the closed beta launch. They will contain tons of polish and important bug fix's required for a smooth launch of the closed beta.


  • Made jump animation transitions smoother.
  • Easier to jump from different terrain slopes.
  • Now check more points on the players feet to check we are touching ground.
  • Changed 4th weapon slot to ammo slot.
  • Fixed weapon slots to correctly store 3 weapons.
  • Fixed camera rotation around player.
  • Fixed unit rotation when moving forward.
  • Fixed camera strafe left and right.
  • Added strafe diagonal for left and right forwards.
  • Added strafe diagonal for left and right backwards.
  • Removed sprint option from player.
  • Increased default movement speed and reduced backward speed.
  • Camera snaps to default position has been fixed.
  • Added new male player model for the sanctuary faction.
  • Added all basic animations for the new male player model.
  • Fixed issues with the blending not correctly blending when bones were too close together.
  • Fixed units using rotationZ instead of rotationY and rotationY instead of rotationZ.
  • Reduced size of terrain mode tiles.
  • Not selecting a tile when digging no longer crashes the game.
  • Camera is locked into fps mode when in terrain mode.
  • Mouse is unlocked in terrain mode when you have a window open.
  • Terrain mode no longer ignores your mouse over a window.
  • Agony range did not match the range distance on the client.
  • Comet was starting combat before landing.
  • Retreat is a new spell added that makes the player jump backwards.
  • Ranged shot #2 now correctly scales with ranged weapon damage.
  • Units with no health now correctly show up online when you leave and come back.
  • Players will stay in death animation when you leave the area and come back online.
  • Server now sends all player locations based on how close they are, this stops problems with player models randomly loaded but not removed
  • Increased the ranged at which you can see enemy players.
  • Fixed more problems with changing resolution making the game crash.
  • Remade the mouse controls, the windows mouse is now the default mouse.
  • When moving over buttons or interactable User Interface the windows mouse will now show the correct icons to let you know a button can be clicked or a field is for entering text.
  • Click and drag camera has been improved due to using windows mouse as default.
  • Removed mouse sensitivity option in options due to sensitivity being set on your pc.
  • Added camera sensitivity in options which controls how fast your camera rotates based on your mouse movement.
  • Fixed issues with click and drag with windows mouse not correctly dragging from the correct position you clicked.
  • When changing from terrain mode or normal mode the mouse no longer jumps to a new cursor position, instead it stays at the last position the mouse was in.
  • Fixed camera zoom in and out being faster and more responsive.
  • Added new shader for animated normal mapping being used for player characters and units.

See you at the closed beta,

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