Closed Beta News #13

Posted by echo, 3 years ago.
Ruin's closed beta we will be launching on the 29th of sept 2021 at 6pm AEST, I'll be answering any questions not answered below on the Ruin forum.

How do I join?

Register an account, while we are looking for new testers anyone can access the closed beta for free.

How long will the closed beta last?

The plan is for the closed beta to be running all the way up to open beta.

How will Ruin be updated during the closed beta?

You will be able to download the Ruin launcher which will be used to update Ruin. You will be required to login with your Ruin account to the launcher and the game separately.

How will you handle bug tracking?

At the moment bug tracking will be handled on the Ruin forum. Later maybe during the closed beta we will develop a page on the site to filter, vote and keep track of bugs easier.

See you at the closed beta,

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